All Inclusive Residential and Commercial Real Estate Development

Manatee Development Group specialize in helping international and U.S. investors with the development, investing, management, and marketing of residential and commercial real estate in Southwest Florida. Our diverse background and over 20 years of experience give you the best advantage in finding a unique solution that fulfills your real estate needs.

When you partner with Manatee Development Group, you gain the international experience, insight and expertise unmatched by any other provider in Southwest Florida.

Development & Real Estate

Reputable and knowledgeable land and property development-residential and commercial renovations and new construction.

Manatee Development Group’s philosophy is future focused with emphasis on long-term success and sustainability.

Exceptional European standards and service quality.

As a fully licensed general contractor, Manatee Development Group provides complete construction management capabilities, with signature master designs and custom build options to suit your specs.

Property Management

Efficiently handle all the property management details.

Manatee Development Group takes care of every step with expert efficiency. Buy, Sell, Rent, Lease the easy and efficiently way with us.

Guiding you through the process from start to finish.

Manatee Development Group will be there with you to simplify the entire process of building, investing, financing, business building, property management, marketing, and relocation so you can relax and rest assured that all details are taken care of without worry.


Making the most out of real estate opportunities.

With over 20 years of experience, Manatee Development Group gives you comprehensive real estate solutions that create exceptional value in the market. Partner with us and you’ll see how we take all the anxiety out of real estate so you can relax and enjoy growing your investment value.