Home Sites with Added Value

Home Sites with Added Value Home Sites with Added Value

1. Buckingham Gardens

Buckingham Gardens, a rapidly appreciating residential area in Fort Myers, is just one example of our impressive land development projects, one which has impressed many city planners and residents alike.

The challenge: to turn a large, 215,300 square foot property into an attractive residential area.

This property was subdivided into 9 large lots of 21,530 sq ft each, surrounding a lake. Each lot is waterfront property and has its own landing dock.

The result: a beautiful lakeside view from each property and a successful blending of nature and comfort, making Buckingham Gardens truly unique.

The quiet but conveniently central location, from where one can easily and quickly get to Fort Myers, Miami or the airport makes it all the better.

Home Sites with Added Value

2. Caloosahatchee River Project

A recent Manatee land development project involved an area of 193,770 sq ft.

We divided this parcel into two large properties of 96,885 sq ft each. They are separated by an idyllic lake, giving both a park-like feeling in paradise. And on top of that, there are the breathtaking views on the Caloosahatchie River!

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