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Ihr Neues Leben In Florida Ihr Neues Leben In Florida

Succesful from the beginning

In most cases a foundation of a business can be done much faster in the USA than in Germany.

Nevertheless, before all that you have to define all crucial key datas and further actions.

  • Which business entity matches my aims?
  • How to master administrative hurdless as fast and efficient as possible? Which communicationstructure and infrastructure is neccessary?
  • Why are smooth and coordinated business processes, especially in the sensitive start-up phase a key success factor?

In close dialogue with you, we develop answers to these and more, key issues - and help you with a flexible service package, which is based entirely on your personal preferences and requirements. How this might look exactly we would like to explain in a personal interview: Talk to us! We are always ready for a no-obligation initial consultation available.

We want you to stay - our Visa Service

Although the US is still a classic immigration country, the number of different visa regime is not easy to see through. Sometimes there are only minor details that will decide between acceptance or refusal of a residence and work permit.

Experience has shown that a well-founded legal advice to foreign investors and employees is essential in this case. Manatee Group works exclusively with reputable and experienced lawyers who have successfully demonstrated their extensive knowledge of US immigration laws for many years.